Below I've included public talks I've given at meetups, conferences and hackathons (at least the ones where I won). Slides for these talks or smaller talks I've given to internal audiences can usually be found on my account.

Speaker, "Empathy is your strength", CODE2040 Summit, July 2016

I gave a brief talk at the CODE2040 Summit on how as programmers we can and should think about how technical decisions affect people in our communities. I brought up my work with accessibility and performance as examples.

Moderator for "Senior Developers Fireside Chat", [email protected] in Tech Meetup, July 2016

I moderated a panel of Latinx Developers to give advice on career advancement, negotiating and the value of diversity in tech initiatives. Read the blog post recapping the panel: Community-Building and Mentorship: Notes on Techqueria’s Latest Event

Speaker, "One small click for developers, one giant leap for a11y", WaffleJS, June 2016

I gave a presentation on keyboard testing for WaffleJS, a monthly meetup of JavaScript Developers in San Francisco. My slides with notes are available online.

Presenter at Student Opportunity Lab, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, October 2015

I was a presenter in the Student Opportunity Lab where I talked students on the potential of careers in civic tech.

Won developer usability prize, GovTechHack Hackathon, March 2015

Together with a team of content strategists and developers, we presented an open source project to better organize datasets for Solar projects.

Presenter on "Political Power of APIs" panel, CampaignTech West, July 2014

I presented on a panel of political technologists on the potential of political APIs. Additionally, I also submitted a post to the conference website and helped recruit a replacement moderator.